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Completed Projects

CubeSmart-Orlando, FL

Sand Lake Rd. Orlando, FL. 7 Story self storage building, 110,663 sq. ft.

SecureSpace Self Storage-Palm Harbor, FL

Palm Harbor, FL, 3 Story Self Storage, Boat & RV Carports, 100,000 Sq. feet
– 1 four story tilt up building
– 4 single story buildings

Lockhart Storage Centers-Wesley Chapel, FL

– New 3 story construction with single story building.
– 112,000 square feet and 13 Covered RV parking.

CubeSmart Self Storage-Jacksonville, FL

– New tilt up construction. 1 four-story tilt up building and 4 single story buildings.
– 110,000 Sq. ft.

CubeSmart Self Storage-Almeda, CO

– New 4 level storage facility in Lakewood, CO.
– Basement and three stories above.

SecureSpace Self Storage-Camarillo, CA

– Project consists of re-purposing existing first floor office space within a 2 story building.  
– A single floor climate control self storage facility.

Century Storage-Davenport, FL

New Self-Storage Development including 4.6 Acres of site development, (Grading, Site Utilities and Asphalt Paving). A new 1,050 Sq. Ft. Single Story Leasing office and 5-Single Story Self-Storage Buildings, 2-Two Story Buildings with each building totaling 27,400 Sq. Ft., complete interior and MEP build out.

SecureSpace Self Storage-Kearny, NJ

Construction of new 4 story self storage building. 4 floors totaling approx. 149,600 sq. ft. 1 space of warehouse area totaling 5,000 sq. ft. 3 spaces totaling 1,000 sq. ft. floor area-office.

Trout Creek Self Storage-Tampa, FL

Construction of one 110,000 sq ft, three story self storage building.

SecureSpace Self Storage Torrence, CA

SecureSpace Self Storage Titusville, FL

SecureSpace Self Storage Piscataway, NJ